New landscape of Sihanoukville

I am trying to re capture my memories of what was Sihanoukville when i visited before. Generally they are landscape, nature, space of the sea, hill, bank and building
This series is shoot with digital 35mm. It capture the city randomly and from time to time.

LSL2020123G2989Someone's property under construction by the bank of Leu mountain pagoda viewing Sihanouk city, 2020-12-03

LSL2020123G2594Safety netting run off from un finishing building, Sihanoukville, 2020-10-30

LSL2020123G2609The FURI Times Square Mall, one of the first malls in Sihanoukville, 2020-10-30

LSL2020123G2628Polluted water pipe on road side, Sihanoukville, 2020-10-30

LSL2020123G2636Sihanoukville city, 2020-10-30

LSL2020123G3003National Bank of Cambodia, Sihanoukville brand, 2020-12-03

LSL2020123G3022Chinese men at the construction side, Sihanoukville, 2020-12-03

LSL2020123G2699A Chinese man with Luxurious Luxus car, Sihanoukville, 2020-10-30

LSL2020123G3034Un fishing high-rise buildings, Sihanoukville, 2020-12-03

LSL2020123G3089A group of men relax and sing Karaoke next to Naga tail of Sokha Hotel beach, Sihanoukville, 2020-12-03

LSL2020123G3101A street vendor (papaya salad seller) with her brother who used stick the Naga skin tail when she was young, Sihanoukville, 2020-12-03

LSL2020123G3002Un finishing building on the corner street Ekareach 100 and Vithei Krong, Sihanoukville, 2020-12-03

LSL2020123G3057Hotel MigKon, Sihanoukville, 2020-12-05

LSL2020123G3389Two young girls walk to work place (Casino) after packed her lunch, Sihanoukville, 2020-12-04

LSL2020123G3262Two long water tubes run across mountain of Sihanoukville city, 2020-12-04

LSL2020123G3357Two long water tubes run across mountain of Sihanoukville city, 2020-12-04

LSL2020123G3601New road development a long side Ream beach connect to Sihanoukville's airport, 2020-12-04

LSL2020123G3278A building under construction on top of a hill that view to Sihanoukville city, 2020-12-04

LSL2020123G3270Sihanoukville city scape, 2020-12-04