Koh Pich City (Diamond Island) (On Going)

Digital and Film color photography
Year: 2010-

Diamond Island City is an ongoing project: I began documenting this inner-city island in 2010. Diamond Island was originally a small island on Bassac River, Phnom Penh, but was enlarged and filled with sand from the very river it sits on. Developed by a private company, Diamond Island is like a 'wonderland' without a clear cultural identity, combining diverse architectural and design influences, including from Cambodia, China and Europe.

22 November 2010 347 people were killed and another 755 were injured in a human stampede during the Khmer Water Festival celebrations on Diamond bridge which later demolished in 2012.

LSL201020112012 2Koh Pich Bridge 2010-2011-2012

LSL2012021G07837Koh Pich City, 2013

LSL2011021G04016Koh Pich City, 2011

LSL2011021G05521Koh Pich City, 2011

LSL2013021G08006Koh Pich City, 2013

LSL2013021G08783-1Koh Pich City, 2013

LSL2013021G08177Koh Pich City, 2013

LSL2013021G08063Koh Pich City, 2013

LSL2013046G01324Koh Pich City 2013

LSL2013021G09320-1Koh Pich City, 2013