Tik Kak Chhus at Tonle Sap

Two-channel video with sound, 13mn, looped
Year: 2012

I am interested in the ways that Cambodian people commonly use ice. One interesting way is tik kak chhus, a favourite sweet iced confection. Having previously worked on a project with ice in Kompong Phluk, I found the villagers to be friendly, helpful and welcoming. So my way to thank the community is to offer them this beautiful refreshment.
With two fishing boats shaded with old curtains, and a few fishermen operating the boats, together we were all having fun, making free tik kak chhus, and giving glasses of this to fishermen along the way on the upper Tonle Sap River.
In 2011 during the rainy season, a particularly big flood reached above the 10 meter-high floors of the houses in the Kompong Phluk floating village. During the dry season, the water level in many areas of the river is almost as low as the ground. One fisherman said, “Until about 50cm from the surface the water is very warm, and the catch is now less and less.”
Thank you to the people in the Kompong Phluk community for their help with this and my previous work, and thank you to the fishermen that work very hard to catch the fish to feed us.

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Tik Kak Chhus at Tonle Sap 1

Tik Kak Chhus at Tonle Sap 2

Tik Kak Chhus at Tonle Sap 3

Tik Kak Chhus at Tonle Sap 4

Tik Kak Chhus at Tonle Sap 5

Tik Kak Chhus at Tonle Sap 6