Wrapped Future-Triangle Park (Brooklyn Academy Music)

Site Specific Installation: Triangle Park (BAM), New York City
Orange Safety netting: 1000m
Year: 2013

Triangle Park is located in the Forte Greene neighborhood of gentrifying Brooklyn, New York. A high iron fence with a locked gate encloses uneven land and sidewalks that were unsettled years ago during the construction of the subway below. Deemed dangerous by the City of New York thus out of use by city-dwellers, the park flourishes as an overgrown natural environment – one of the few remaining in the entire city. By wrapping its trees with caution-orange safety fencing, I would like to acknowledges this small plot of green in a bustling area as a rare and endangered forest – a concern shared in his native Cambodia. Wrapped Future (Triangle Park, NYC) was an engaging intervention for its community, foregrounding the potential for balance between development and the natural environment.

Wrapped Future (Triangle Park, NYC) was on view from May 20 - July 1, 2013 and made possible in collaboration with Brooklyn Academy of Music Visual Arts Program and Season of Cambodia's Visual Arts Program IN RESIDENCE.