National Road Number 5-2020

Photography of 14
Size:60 x 90cm
Paper: Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag 310gsm
Year: 2020

With a length of 407 kilometers, National Road Number 5 connects Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh with the border of Thailand. With the support from Japanese and China government for road expansion based on the expressed economic purposes of transforming existing land to roadside industrial zones while facilitating the transportation of goods between Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City which are expected to grow after ASEAN integration. Artist Lim Sokchanlina has documented the effects of the expansion on the architectural landscape of the roadside as it widens from 11 to 24 meters. His photographs portray a range of domestic structures in transitional phases. In some cases, the road has crept to the edge of the dwelling, in others the building as been cut in half, or demolished. Lim's landscapes seem to record a past, present, and future at once; wooden homes have spotted the agrarian landscape for centuries as part of subsistence farming economies / recently, transforming economies and markets have offered new markets and materials, influencing architecture and lifestyle shifts / soon, both the traditional and the hybrid structures will become neighbours with sprawling industrial zones.

It is a continuity from 2015 series.