I Wish I Want To (Books) (2019-2020)

Malaysia Chapter, Cambodian Migrant Worker in Asia (A Conversation)

Malaysia is one of the first countries for Cambodian migrate to work as domestic worker, garment worker, and so on. There are so many abuses and sex harassments to the maids till Cambodia government ban of going to Malaysia for some years. Only recent, they of re open.  

I ask Cambodian migrant workers in Malaysia ” What do you wish to when you go back to home/Cambodia?”
A lot of them want to go back to their hometown and start to build the dreams. They want to have a proper occupation or run their own business and farming with their family and parent. They are small and family businesses.
I can only collect some wishes by myself. The rest, I asked some Khmer workers to help collecting their friend’s wishes.

I make these photos base on the wishes. I hope to my photography can get close to what they want to.
“I wish I want to” book is inspire from a black passport made special for Cambodian working in Thailand. This book is a collaboration between me and the Cambodian Migrant Workers in Malaysia.
They are poor, work abroad and have a wish for a better life.
What is the better life?
You also have a wish! We all have a wish!

5 original handmade books “I Wish I Want To” (2019-2020)
Size: 8.5 x 12.5cm
(Specific and Exactly the same to Cambodia passport size)

Photography collage of 5
Year: 2019-2020
Size: 60x90cm (Ilford smooth cotton rag 310g)
Edition: 5 + 2AP each