Wrapped Future II (2017-)


The mountain wind of high red land flew down to spirit forest and continue its way to central land and river causing wave to oceans.
6months hot and 6months raining season of Cambodia create the beautiful light and atmosphere in the landscape of space. Seasons and time both go pass from generation to another; leave mark, damage, memory to reveal of what is now but not knowing what is the future?
The future that I always looking for is uncertain, fragility and unrealisable.
What you see does not certainly what you see! It is not clear what exactly it is! Is it the damage or just a shadow in your eye?

The landscapes freeze me in an isolation and for a moment of time. My feeling seems to be relax, I got into unconsciousness, in a dream and confusing about the reality in front of me. This reality is so unrecognizable. You might use to be confused like me!

The stillness of perfect shaped and color of industrial made fence had been carefully installed and placed in powerful mysterious nature turning to be surprisingly uncontrolled and unexpected experiences.
written by Lim Sokchanlina

Barrier, wall, fence, border, obstacle, panel are all hide landscapes that human create under their constructing the world they live in.

Cambodian construct Cambodia. This series of working is the imagination of the combination of human made landscape and natural landscape that has been hidden, that we always know, but are not sure what it looks like.

Two forms of beauty confront each other, that of a flexible nature, that of hardness with strict forms invented by man. These large metal plates could be the metaphor, in a world that is experiencing the greatest migrations in its history – for economic reasons, political, climate change – of obstacles to prevent the passage. But nothing is said, nothing is asserted, except this form that is a manner of staging the landscape and that we are forced to look right in front.
written by Chistian Caujolle

9 Series of Photography
70x105cm (Ed.5+2AP)

104x156cm (Ed.5+2AP)
Archival paper, ILford Smooth Cotton Rag 310g

Video: 14min45s I 16×9 at 4K I Ed.5+2AP